FT-847 Modifications



General Coverage Mods

  1. Disconnect all cables and connectors from your radio.
  2. Remove the carry handle by taking out the two screws at each end of the handle.
  3. Remove the other two screws on the opposite side of the radio.
  4. Remove the two screws from the rear of the radio.
  5. Remove the remaining two screws from the bottom cover near the front panel.
  6. Now you can remove the bottom cover from the radio.
  7. Place the radioon a clean surface with the top face down.
  8. Place the front pannel towards you.
  9. Now you should be able to see the lithium battery to the top left of the PCB.
10. Look closely and you will see 6 small surface mount resistors just bellow and to the left, They are labeled on the PCB as 1,2,3,4,5,6 (see photo below).
11. You now need to configure the resistors as in the photo below.
12. After re-configuring double check your work and replace the covers.
13. Now reset the CPU as per handbook..

Notes from photo above

1. The photo shows the radio AFTER the modifications.
2. "In place" means that the resistor must be fitted in this location.
3. "Solder link" means that you must solder a bridge across pad No3 if no resistor fitted.
4. "Out" means remove any resistor from this location.


Coverage after modifications

Receiver (the same as before modification)

Band Min RX Freq  Max RX Freq
 HF  100 KHz  37 Mhz
 VHF (a)  37 MHz  76 MHz
 VHF (b)  108 MHz  174 MHz
 UHF  410 MHz  512 MHz


Band Min TX Freq  Max TX Freq
 HF  1.8 MHz  32 Mhz
 VHF (a)  40 MHz  76 MHz
 VHF (b)  137 MHz  174 MHz
 UHF  410 MHz 470 MHz

Note on HF TX Freq.

Do Not under any circumstances transmit between 30Mhz and 36Mhz as the low pass filter is active here and you could damage the PA strip on HF.
If you decide to carry out the same modification then you do so at your own risk!
This modification verified to work on the following serial numbers.
8G060xxx --- 8I100xxx --- 8G051xxx